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Your Tallahatchie Valley Internet Services provided telephone ONT is powered by plugging it into an electrical wall outlet. In the event of an electrical outage, your ONT will not receive power, just like any other electrically powered device in your home or business. If this were to happen your telephone service, including any medical or security alert services, like E911, will not be available to you.

A backup battery is designed to provide temporary power to the ONT in the event electrical power in your home or business is lost. The length of time that your phone will be available during a power outage depends on many variables, including, but not limited to, the following: (i) whether a backup battery remains properly installed in the phone ONT; (ii) whether a backup battery is properly charged; (ii) the condition and age of a backup battery; and (iii) the amount of phone usage when the phone ONT is utilizing power from a backup battery.
It is your responsibility to provide, maintain, monitor, and/or replace a backup battery.

TAKE NOTE: If you have a medical alert system, or security equipment, you are strongly encouraged to utilize and maintain a battery back-up. Our telephone service is designed to be used on the premises in which service is installed. The equipment that we install in your home or business is the property of Tallahatchie Valley Internet Services. In the event you relocate or disconnect service, you must return the unit/equipment to a Tallahatchie Valley Internet Services office or arrange to have it picked up. If the unit/equipment is not returned, you will be subject to a one-time equipment charge. You assume the risk of loss, theft, or damage to the equipment at all times prior to the removal of the units by Tallahatchie Valley Internet Services or return of the units by you.

You may purchase a backup battery as part of your Telephone Service installation. Please contact Customer Service at 662-563-2075 to learn more about the backup battery policy, including tips on how best to prepare for an electrical outage. Tallahatchie Valley Internet Services does not guarantee the performance of any backup battery.

The Tallahatchie Valley Internet Services installed Optical Network Terminal (ONT) includes a Battery Back Unit (BBU) option, which you may utilize by maintaining an active 12-volt battery in the BBU. With a fully-charged battery, the BBU will provide backup power for your basic voice services, including Emergency 911 dialing, for up to twenty-four (24) hours in the event of a commercial power failure. You are responsible for purchasing and/or replacing the battery in the BBU. We recommend you think about this battery check and replacement just like you would the batteries in your smoke detectors or emergency flashlights.

The BBU is installed at your location in an area where it can be easily monitored. The BBU is connected directly to the ONT to provide backup power if it's needed. In addition, the BBU contains a series of indicator lights that tell you whether your service is being powered by your location's electricity or the battery if one is installed. The BBU also indicates when the 12-volt battery needs to be replaced.

Know your Battery Backup Unit

Alarm Silence – Press to silence audible alarm.

Battery Emergency Use – Press once to reboot the ONT and get up to 1 hour of battery life for emergency phone calls. Once pushed, all remaining battery life will be used.

Auxiliary Power Source
GREEN - Power Available
RED - Power Not Available

Replace Battery
RED – battery needs to be replaced

Battery Power
RED – ONT is operating off battery power; no AC power available
BLINKING RED – low battery power

System Status
GREEN – normal operation
BLINKING GREEN – system fault

BBU Audible Alarms
Should there be a problem with your BBU, an alarm will sound for 2 seconds and be silent for 58 seconds. This will be repeated until you press the Alarm Silence button. Once you do, be sure to check the lights on the BBU to find the issue. Below are the most common reasons for the alarm to sound:
• Low Battery – alarm is silenced after electrical power returns, the battery is fully discharged or removed from the BBU
• Replace Battery – alarm is silenced when the battery is removed

How do I get a new or replacement battery?
Tallahatchie Valley Internet Services provides free replacement batteries only if:
• Your battery was provided by Tallahatchie Valley Internet Services, and it is still under the one-year warranty period.

Tallahatchie Valley Internet Services reserves the right to modify this Back Up Battery Policy at any time. We will notify you of any material changes via written, electronic, or other means permitted by law, including by posting it on our website. If you find the changes unacceptable, you have the right to cancel the Services. If you continue to use the Services after receiving notice of such changes, we will consider that as your acceptance of the changes.

Effective: 05/01/2022

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